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RB 32420001001

ROCKBROS Cable Lock - Password Lock

ROCKBROS Cable Lock - Password Lock

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  • Knitted Fabric Cover to Protect Bicycle Surface
  • The five-digit password combination lock means 100,000 different password combinations, highly secure and effectively anti-theft. The unlocking rate is about 1/100000, theoretically needs 80 hours to try to open. The password unlocking is safe and convenient, and no worries about forgetting to carry the key with or losing it.
  • The 63cm long thickened steel cable of up to 13.7mm, within the knitted wrap cover, will not scratch your bicycle surfaces.
  • Soft and highly elastic, with no permanent deformation, folded twists will quickly rebound.
  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry and use.
  • When you hate carrying around an extra pound of weight on your rides, But often, when you ride past enticing cafes and want to grab a coffee, read a paper, take in the sunshine, and commingle with other cyclists. THAT is when you want to carry a lightweight lock that still acts as a deterrent to a thief.
  • The small cable lock can not only be used to lock your bicycles, it can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, cabinets, refrigerators, back yard doors and many others. It’s your perfect daily tool.


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